February 13-22, 2015 Chicago Auto Show


The Illinois Camaro Club was at the Chicago Auto Show for the 3rd year in a row and what a display we had! Move in day went as smooth as the rear corner panels of a freshly clay bared and waxed Camaro! We were in and out of there with all 5 cars delivered by 3 pm! Success! I must thank each car owner for pulling their hair, sweating out the driver’s dilemmas having their vehicles trailered to the show, and the do’s and don’ts per the fire marshal. Folks, it takes a lot of time and money for them to display their cars there! Be sure to thank them for representing us as a club wholeheartedly!

I know I am very thankful to each one of them and their families for what I assume a few choice words were uttered while getting all of the paperwork completed and pulling their cars out of storage for this event. I do know we are invited back for 2016, so start thinking about it if you would like to have your car considered for next years show.

Of course I am a bit biased, but I personally believe we once again blew the Mustang Club away! We had 5 Camaros of each generation and they had 6 mostly newer cars. We had a lot more foot traffic too with folks drooling over our beauties. Many times I could hear the “minivan dads” out there boasting to their youngin’s how back in the day they had a Camaro too. Translation… I traded that car for you!

Lots of folks ogled over the 1st gen belonging to Brad and Gina Hamilton. That green really stood out and looked spot on perfect! Then the 2nd gen belonging to the great Dave Shellhamer! Ok, so I have to tell ya… there was one person looking directly at the nose of his car asking if it was a split bumper or not! HELLO!!!! LOOK at it! But other than that silly question, there were a lot of eyes on her grey color gleaming under the lights!

Our 3rd gen on displayed is owned by Justina Schwartz, a 17 year old young lady! Built by Schwartz Performance, it was a gorgeous car! I kept hearing “that blue! Wow!” Her color was simply breath taking and can cause anyone to fall in love with the color and curves she has to offer. Great looking car! The 4th gen is proudly owned by Wayne and Sue Kozack! It is an Indy Pace Festival car which they obtained this past summer and what a looker! My knees knock just thinking about it! It was a feature on display for sure.

Last, but certainly not least is the 5th gen black beauty owned by Jim Kolodziej. By far one of my favorite 5th gens we have in the club. That murdered out look just makes the cars lines so smooth and flattering! A lot of cameras were taking pictures of that tight look!

Once again, I thank the car owners as well as all of the volunteers that worked at our booth for the 10 days. We left the building with the one thing that we all strive for, perfection and our great reputation! Way to go ICC!

Becky “Sunshine” Rhoads President, Illinois Camaro Club

Thanks to Rob and Sherri Davis for their pictures