October 8-10, 2015 Mecum Auction


It was another successful Mecum Auction for the Illinois Camaro Club. We had three days of good weather with the exception of Thursday night; we had a little rain just after the last car went in the building to be auctioned. Friday and Saturday were cool in the morning, but warmed through the day to be comfortable. We drove 840 cars through the auction without any problems; this was one of the best auctions we have driven for. I would like to thank Judy Skwira for keeping us fed all three days, Rob & Sherri Davis for keeping us hydrated, and Becky Usilton for helping Judy with food and for managing our tent for three days.

Thanks to Brian and Michelle Letarte for mailing all the passes, Al Skwira and Rich Hanck for dispatching the cars, Tom & Pat Allen, Lorrie Kinney and Sarah Stoakley for keeping the cars flowing across the auction block. I would like to thank all the members that came out to work and made this a successful auction.

I hope everyone had fun enjoyed the auction. This was the largest group of workers we have ever had for an auction and I hope we do as well next year.  Thanks again, Rory Smith Treasurer Illinois Camaro Club

 Thanks to Fred Sanborn and ICC members on Facebook for their pictures.