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It was the summer of 2008 when I met a bunch of Illinois Camaro Club members who were on a cruise to the Volo Auto Museum.  There must of been 40 Camaro's at the gas station that day and after talking with some of the members they seemed really down to earth and a nice group of people.  

I was thinking about getting a toy and that day I made the decision to look for a Camaro.  A year later I ran into the club at the same gas staton on the same cruise to Volo.  It must have been fate telling my to find a Camaro and a couple months later I found one in Ohio and bought it.

My wife and I joined the Illinois Camaro Club in October 2010 after having attended several club events that summer. 

I became the clubs Newsletter Editor in January 2014 and became the clubs Interim Vice President in July 2014.

In December 2014 I ran for the position and was elected as Vice President taking office January 2015.  I've enjoyed getting to know the members and its been a lot of hard work and very time consuming but so much fun.  

The Illinois Camaro Club is a great family oriented club which is more like a family than just a car club.  My wife and I are so glad we joined such a wonderful group of people and try to get out to as many club events as we can each year.

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  • Rob Davis
Vehicle Generation(s):
  • Fourth Generation - 1993 to 2002
  • Other Make / Model

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Date: 04/08/2016
Author: Rob Davis
Generation: Other Make / Model
  • 00adba6a-9435-46f4-8136-74392d405af8
  • 3993775f-b58c-4b0d-9482-979cf1a63d81
  • b59fc833-39d1-473d-bd70-d68e587240a3
  • 225ba3d6-e8fd-4564-9d36-b676cceed9d0
  • 35e85aba-4bdf-4fa3-b82e-bf2425f7fdc9
  • a77978cd-19c7-4b93-8b8d-147b844c1372
  • 3dda1b3d-c7b5-446b-b259-e62a6f367ba3
  • 8c7a4aa1-7fbc-4b4c-b1dd-60a8877550d0
  • 7e00e517-79cd-4c4e-acf8-fd3cb5438acb
  • 95f8ca4f-6c7f-43b6-bb2f-5ab66b2ac2a5
  • e3d2dde1-f110-4419-b372-edb5726f82cc
  • ce4dcc24-2f4d-4199-a02b-40302a524067
  • a43b9393-92c5-41ff-8e79-f0625b2867e0
  • 4087ed0e-bb31-49a6-946c-71648f565a3b
  • ab811406-3341-4551-b5c9-3d201d5ebd8f
  • 683e8c3f-2e89-4128-b3da-627cae874b89
  • 5bee626c-38ee-4e43-a9de-3cd4c782d5d9
  • f484f9e4-044b-47e1-99a7-ca12dfab944a

Date: 03/31/2016
Author: Rob Davis
Generation: Other Make / Model
  • 849344f6-ba86-41bf-8a6e-b24bc6b9481f
  • b679ea3b-943e-456f-a283-047abc9a386a
  • 9ac87aaa-8e64-4c91-854b-63db0455a00f
  • 9297ac62-4ba5-4b95-a261-7b0687a47d1a
  • e80b9ec0-156c-4eba-b6c6-8946a7d3669d
  • 29cb282d-c3c4-4c63-a0ab-dd0cf1898071
  • 13c60a3d-4da1-46ec-b93f-f15f25cb7661
  • 8df08684-10a5-4ac7-99d5-dc2941b351d0
  • dccc7951-b017-482a-bd6b-649c968d704b
  • 4e22de98-c8c1-484e-ab2f-22378c13cb9e
  • ec45d64d-ef7d-41c9-b58b-a64437fa7b6c

Date: 03/31/2016
Author: Rob Davis
Generation: Fourth Generation - 1993 to 2002
  • fc643b64-9ce2-474d-82a9-964176bae5f2
  • 5c5b5151-e37e-44e2-80f4-50686770710d
  • a7942796-717f-4c46-8201-5718c72f125d
  • d69de8bf-ce59-4ae1-8631-bc5219a6c549
  • 52944d2f-eb0d-48a1-a3eb-b38c7c76a4ab
  • 7b31e35e-afc8-41b3-bad0-08971c9b0310
  • 50de025b-4c76-4f1d-ab58-bd21b2f07b2b
  • ffb9fa45-a3ed-42bf-9079-a15fe9ecfe04
  • ec8e360a-e9e2-49f0-b8f2-7c93dde8dc3a
  • 77585d62-763d-46b5-bcbf-78ff23b416a9
  • 6aff6f71-f6ce-4e2f-88f8-c8c5538d315c
  • d5a70da2-b0fc-49fd-b8fb-8cdeaaeeedb0
  • d3809812-0514-432f-a98a-82162c8f5521

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