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1991 RS Convertible- I purchased 'Scarlet' in 2007 and started the modifications in 2009. The original 305 throttlebody motor has been replaced with a 350 tuned port motor. The 305 was only rated at 170 horsepower.  The current engine is no horsepower monster but the car has been chassis dynoed at 237 horses and 327 ft lb of torque

     Besides the engine I have also had the automatic transmission replaced with a tremec T56 six speed. The rear end has been up-graded from drum brakes to disk brakes and a axle housing from a 4th gen Camaro. The gear ratio has been changed from a 2:73 open  gear to a 3:42 posi gear. The front brakes have also been upgraded as will. The fronts brakes have been replaced with C5 rotors and LS1 f-body calipers.One of the reasons I changed to a 4th gen rear axle is it enables me to have a wider variety of wheel choices.

     The body on the car has also had some modifications done to it. The door handles and lock cylinders have been removed and and the door has been smoothed. Remote door poppers are used to open each door.

1995 B4C- I have owned  my B4C Camaro since 1999. The B4C Camaros were used by many state police departments for patrolling the expressways, highways, tollways and turnpikes.

These cars were very plain looking and did not have any exterior badging on them. I have had exterior badging made and applied to the side, back and wheels of the car.

Many people have asked what is the difference between the B4C and the Z/28? The car is for the most part just a unbadged Z/28. The biggest difference is that the B4C has a 140 amp alternator and the standard cars had a smaller amperage alternator.

         For the most part the car is still pretty much stock. The engine has not been modified at this time. I still have all of the parts that I have swapped out to increase the handling performance of my car. One area that my car lacked in was braking. Anyone who has had to stand on the brakes to slow or stop their car in a hurry knows what I am talking about. I replaced the front rotors and calipers with brake parts from a C5 and C6 Corvette.   

            I have all of the documentation that was generated when this car was special ordered in late 1994. Some of the items that were not included when it was ordered : t-tops, traction control, 1LE suspension and automatic transmission.












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  • Bruce Bishop
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  • Third Generation - 1982 to 1992
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