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You must be a member of the Illinois Camaro Club to register.  Once registered, you will be able to post your vehicles, projects, etc on My Garage.  You'll be able to update, rate other garages, and read our monthly newsletter.  If you haven't registered, please do so. 

If you are not a current Illinois Camaro Club member, click here for membership information and to join.

If you have a question, please submit on our Contact Us page.  Thank you.

Please follow the instruction below to register for your “Garage”.

  • >  Each ICC member can create one Garage.
    >  Once created you can then create multiple posts within your Garage for each of your vehicles, projects, road trips, etc
    >  If you would like to see an example of a Garage click on “My Garage” and look at Bruce Bishop's Garage as an example.
    >  Please remember to be respectful and tasteful as everyone can view Garages; so keep it clean.
    >  Inappropriate content will be deleted and could result in your removal from the club.

  • To Begin:

  1. 1)  Click on “Not a Member? Register Now” in the upper right corner.

  2. 2)  Complete the required information on the registration page. Include a little about yourself, your love for Camaros, how you got involved with the club, etc... (you can always edit it later too)

  3. 3)  Complete your Garage on the next page and include a main Garage cover photo if you like.

  4. 4)  On the right side of your Garage page you will see the “New Post” button.

  5. 5)  You can create a post within your Garage for all your vehicles, your projects, road trips, vacations, cruises, etc... (all post can always be edited, added to and updated at anytime also)

  6. 6)  After clicking on the New Post button first enter the text for your post (i.e. about your car, project, trip, etc) and click “Create New Post”.

  7. 7)  Next, to add “Post Photos” click “Upload” and you can upload photos (up to 6.5 MB per photo) from your computer to the post.

  8. 8)  After downloading photos click “Save Changes” and after is says “changes saved” you can click the Back” button.

  9. 9)  Then repeat steps 4 – 8 for additional posts.

         10) Once you have registered then next time you can just click “Login” and go to your Garage.