2007 Indy 500 Pace Car

Total Production for the 2007 Indy Pace Car Replicas sold to the public was 500. There were 57 Corvettes built and shipped to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (arrived March 15th) to be used as "track" and "festival committee" vehicles which were in use thru May 31st. The first 57 Corvettes all had the Six speed "Paddle Shift" automatic transmissions. The first 57 Corvettes were also unique in that when they arrived at the Speedway, a "CHEVROLET" windshield header, assigned track car numbers and "Indy 500 Festival Parade 50th Anniversary" decal (on rear fascia) were added. 

The remainder of the production run (443) occurred after the Indianapolis 500 was completed, during the month of June and Pace Car replicas could still be seen on the production line as late as the last day of 2007 production at the Bowling Green Assembly plant (June 22nd). Twelve cars were destined for Canada.

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